Hells Canyon




Morgan Lake



Morgan Lake


I love living where I do. This morning I went out to the lake to birdwatch and brought along my camera (no telephoto….yet). Other than the stunning view of the lake in the morning light, I caught sight of an osprey who was busy hunting for the morning catch, a nice little flock of tree swallows, and the first shooting stars I’ve seen all Spring.



Tree swallows

Up Catherine Creek

Dutchman's breeches


Perhaps a bit less elegant of a name than say, “spreading gunsmoke” or “enchanter’s nightshade,” Dutchman’s breeches are still one of my favorite wildflowers. To the credit of the namer, “bleeding heart” was already taken.

Slender woodland star


Above is a slender woodland star. Hopefully next time I return with a few morels!

The Good Vibes of Spring

Oliver the dog and I were making our way over the summit of some really beautiful mountains when it dawned on me that I really shouldn’t be in a hurry on such a lovely day. So, we took an exit.

Grass widows

There wasn’t anyone around on the nordic ski trails, now barren with the first brave wildflowers popping up. Really, they are stunning to see. I’m always surprised to find them, even though I know they’ll be there.

Glacier lily

I love the whimsy and nonchalance of the petals of the Glacier lily. They are so delicate.

Grass widows

Walking around in the woods with my dog, looking at the wildflowers and listening to the birdsongs is about my favorite thing to do. Days like these, getting to town can wait.